Inventory like it should be: Quick, Easy and Effective

With the help of our service whitin Inventory, Ordering, Spillage and Purchase you can see your inventory in real time which means you don’t need to do the inventory as frequent.


  • 20 staff members can do the inventory at the same time
  • Pictures of all products for better control
  • Build your shelves, bar or warehouse in the app when you can do the inventory without shooting barcodes
  • Move warehouses to the next inventory
  • Off-line mode for areas without WiFi or mobile connection


  • One order list for all your suppliers
  • Filter by suppliers, product groups or favorite lists
  • Whit your shipping limits and your delivery days
  • Deliveries in the app instead of packing slips

Recipe calculation

  • Count on your recipe and the hole plate
  • You can do the inventory on your recipes
  • All your recipes in the app

If you are interested and like to know more about Smartplus and our integration, don’t hesitate to contact us today!